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“NOVA ASSISTANCE” is an international company created in 2010 and dedicated to assist Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian citizens travelling abroad. Our well-trained call-center staff (medical experts, medical advisers and other professionals) twenty-four hour provide insured clients with medical, technical and informational support all over the world.

We render timely and efficient aid to the injured persons; guarantee the attentive approach towards every request and competent audit through all the services provided and all the invoices issued.

Our constantly developing company is implementing an individual approach strategy with respect to the every customer. Among the first companies who entrusted us with their insured clients there are “GUTA-Insurance” and IC “MASTER-GARANT” in Russia, “Klassika Asigurari”, “Acord Group”, “Moldcargo”, “Donaris” Group in Moldova, and IC “NOVA” in Ukraine.

“NOVA ASSISTANSE” always sustains!