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News News «NovaAssistance» has visited the Egypt.
From 7 to 13 may the General Manager of “Nova Assistance” Alexandru Munteanu has visited the Egypt for summarizing the results of season 2015. The welcome was very warm with amazing arranged excursions. Each of partner clinics has organized the detailed overview of the coastline hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.
In Sharm el-Sheikh was a meeting with representative of partner clinic «1stCareClinic – Coral Bay» Dr. Tamer Kamal.

The aim of the meeting was to sum up the results of season 2015. Dr. Tamer represented his colleagues and showed the internal life of clinic.
This year «1-st Care Clinic» has acquired a cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). Partner institution is proud of high level of equipment in operating, psychiatric department which diagnoses the patients with psychical deviations and provides emergency medical assistance for patients with such problems.

News News Next visit was to «Sharm International Hospital – Pyramid» hospital. The governance of “Nova Assistance” and «Sharm International Hospital – Pyramid» has also summed up the results of previous year and built a model of collaboration for this year.

For General Manager of “Nova Assistance” representatives of the “South Sinai Hospital” made the detailed excursion to the hospital.
Hospital has a broad spectrum of Check-up including nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology, plastic and laser surgery (LASIK).

News News The partner institution also has a helipad for landing for helicopter transportation of insured.

In Hurghada Alexandru Munteany met partner clinics: «Al Kawther Hospital», «Red Sea Hospital», «Royal Hospital» and «Intergated Clinic».
«Al Kawther Hospital» is the main service provider of “Nova Assistance” in Hurghada.
To the hospital also belongs clinic «MirageHotelClinic», which is located in the hotel «Mirage New Hawaii Resort & Spa».

«Integrated Clinic» has a base in the territory of Hurghada, in addition to the representation they are working directly with aid posts, which are located in the hotels.

News News The important meeting was with the representative of “Sun International” company that is the receiving side of tour operator “Join Up” in Egypt. “Nova Assistance” and “Sun International” discussed the main organizational questions, shared their experiences and positive impressions and created the modern model of collaboration.
“Nova Assistance” always keeps in touch with partners and always upgrades customer service system.

«NOVA ASSISTANCE»: 20% increase of the insurance events

By the end of 2013 the international company «NOVA ASSISTANCE», specialized in providing medical services to the insured persons that are travelling abroad, served 1.2 times more insurance events with tourists involved, than the previous year. According to Oleg Tumik, «NOVA ASSISTANCE» representative in Ukraine: “firstly it is related to the fact that the flow of tourists that are travelling abroad with insurance policies of the company's partners, including Ukraine, has increased”. In 2013, the company opened a representative office in Kiev. The launch on the Ukrainian insurance market began from the cooperation with IC "NOVA" and IC "VUSO."
According to «NOVA ASSISTANCE» statistics, most of the insurance cases occur in the mass tourism countries- Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria as well as ski resorts. At the end of the year, the number of requests for medical assistance from Thailand has increased.
Most commonly, tourists seek for help to the assistance company because of some injuries obtained on vacation or due to colds. In Bulgaria, where the main flow of tourists is parents with small children, there are frequent cases of colds and viral diseases. From Turkey and Egypt tourists “bring” lot of different injuries (sprains, bruises, stretching) as well as diseases related to climate and alimentation change.

News The launch of “Nova Assistance" company (Chisinau, Moldova), in 2013, on the Ukrainian insurance market, began with the collaboration with “Nova” Insurance Company (Kiev).According to the cooperation agreement, tourists that are travelling abroad and holding a policy of "NOVA" Insurance Company , will be serviced by «Nova Assistance” company that has a contractual relationship with the clinics worldwide.

“Nova Assistance” specializes in providing services related to the organization of medical care for the insured people upon the occurrence of insured events. The first to collaborate to, in the Republic of Moldova, was “Klassika Asigurari”, “Acord Grup”,” Donaris VIG”; in Russia JSC "Guta-Insurance” and “SK Master-Garant” LLC., etc. Boris Blazhko,”Nova Assistance” associate founder, mentioned that the company was founded in 2010 and initially has worked on the Moldavian and the Russian insurance market. In our development strategy for 2013 we plan to launch on the Ukrainian insurance market which we believe to be very promising.

B.Blazhko also reported that in the near future, an official representative in Ukraine is planned to be open. As noted by Galina Davidova, the Director of the Medical Insurance Department of “NOVA” Insurance Company:” we opted for “Nova Assistance” because this company responds promptly to all of the insurance appeals. We were assured by the prompt reaction and the professionalism of the provided services, after we made some test calls for the “Nova Assistance” operators. Another benefit of our company would be the economically justified service costs, allowing “NOVA” Insurance Company to keep the rates on the same grade for their clients, despite the overall rise in the cost of services all over the country”.

News For today, Medical Tourism is actively developing and increasing its impact on the national health system and the activity of the insurance companies.
In October 2013, in Moscow city, took place the annual exhibition named «Medical Tourism 2013". The representative of “Nova Assistance” company, Pavel Raba, attended this event and shared his impressions about it:

“On the exhibition took part more than 100 companies from 45 countries. We had the opportunity to meet with the potential clients and demonstrate to the visitors our abilities, to get acquainted with the new tendencies in the field of medical tourism and obtain information about the development and prospects of the industry. Especially for the visitors there was organized a presentation of: health funds, diagnostic centers and clinics, medical resorts, advisory, service and insurance companies, specialized tour operators, private airlines, sanitary ambulance, etc.

News Within the business program of the exhibition, were held numerous conferences, seminars and presentations of the members.
At the presentation of the medical tourism, the experts spoke about the innovations and also shared their view on the prospects of development in the industry.
Continuing interest to take part in the exhibition demonstrate countries that are traditionally the most popular and widespread vacation destinations. Countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Korea, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, the Baltic States, Morocco, Tunisia and many others, that are annually attracting a large number of visitors, presented their expositions.

Being a guest of the exhibition this year, was a good learning experience for us and a great opportunity to establish new partnership relations.