About NOVA


Nova Assistance is an international company that provides medical, technical and informational support for tourists abroad.

What is Nova Assistance?

The company has been actively developing on the market since December 14, 2010. In several years we have managed to create a team of professionals. Including not only our employees, but also international hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and tour operators. Each of us is a leader in his field. We work with medical institutions all around the world, providing medical care at any time and in any part of the globe.

Tourists began to travel abroad more often to explore new places and corners of the planet. So now you will not surprise anyone with a trip to Zanzibar or to the island of Hainan. Because of this factor we continue to develop the company and open new branches and call centers.

About NOVA

What is our goal?

The main goal is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and partners. Our team managed to expand the network of medical providers in such a way as to provide medical care in any country in the world. Nova Assistance 24-hour service centers operate in several countries around the world, namely:

MapEgypt, Sharm El Sheikh

MapEgypt, Hurghada

MapTurkey, Antalya

MapUkraine, Kyiv

MapChisinau, Moldova,  our head office.

How you can contact us?

The network of international offices and contact centers gives us the opportunity to provide top-level services. And even to be in touch with tourists 24/7. You can contact us in any way which is ok for you.

24-hour telephone for communication is + 373 22 994 955

Also, you can contact us through most popular messengers:

About NOVATelegram: + 373 79 005 222

About NOVAWhats App: + 373 79 005 222

About the Nova Staff

Range of our operators are qualified practitioners. They have not only medical education, but also considerable experience in working with patients. Knowing about the complaints of the insured, the doctor can remotely make a preliminary diagnosis. So, it helps to immediately send the patient to the right doctor.

Such fact allows us not only to understand exactly what is happening with a person abroad. Also we can clearly recognize his symptoms and provide emergency assistance. It also gives us the opportunity to check medical bills and reports. Because of this fact we control overprices and expenses of insurance companies. Our operators can talk to you in Russian, English, Romanian, German, Turkish and other languages, if necessary. So we communicate freely with doctors and tourists of different nationalities, which greatly simplifies the work.

About NOVA

We made agreements with various hospitals and doctors around the world. Because of this fact Nova Assistance has individual rates and discounts on medical services. They also depend on the region. For example, for Turkey and Egypt, as for the main tourist flow regions, we have a personalized price package with some perks. So, we reduce the costs for our partners up to 35%.

Insurance companies like Ukrfinstrakh, VUSO, Donaris Group, ASTERRA, MOLDCARGO, РИКС, Альянс, BTA and many other companies that work to Europe and the CIS countries entrust us customer care.

For insured persons we provide the following services: