Nova Assistance is your friend in the field of insurance. We help you to select the insurance policy you need, depending on the purpose. No matter whether it is property, life or car insurance. We base on options and rates.

A wide range of suppliers and partners allows us to compare prices among the order of 10 insurance companies and choose the most appropriate offer for your case. Each insurance contract has its own characteristics. Knowing about them, it is easy to choose an option by the ratio of price, quality, and necessary service.


One of our proposals of auto insurance is CASCO policy. It covers not only damage caused to third parties, as in the case of CTP. But also the damage of the insured himself. And it doesn’t matter who is the cause of the accident! The CASCO policy also covers the theft of a car or its parts.

The price selection varies depending on many indicators. For example, the age of vehicle and its model. Insurable risks, the presence or absence of the franchise and its size as well. Driving experience of the insured, method of payment and the territory covered by the policy.

Depending on the type of policy, insurance can cover damage caused both in Moldova and in Europe and the CIS. Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of all factors, it is possible to select a CASCO policy. It will protect the car from all possible risks in each individual case. From the moment you sign the insurance contract, we provide ongoing consultation and customer service. Each insured person has a contact person who is in touch with him/her 24/7. At any time you can call the contact number and ask the question of interest.

NOVA Assistance has been working in the insurance market for more than 8 years. During this time we have created an established network of insurance partners. They allow us to provide a wide range of services, taking into account the wishes of client. Our services include not only the selection and execution of an insurance policy. But also the protection of the client’s interests in front of the insurance company and the repair shop.

When making insurance in NOVA Assistance, you can always be sure of the openness of the whole process. Our managers provide full legal advice to the client. We will tell you exactly what documents you need to get a refund. And, besides, we are responsible for the quality of the services. Even if you have never had an insurance before, our manager will make all the details clear for you. In addition, we are the legal guarantor of a contract.


The documents for compensation, namely the insurance contract, a certificate confirming the insured event. Also car documents (technical passport, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate). Court order and others are handled by our manager. He makes life easier for our customers. Thanks to the trust and loyalty of our partners, we can provide customers with the best payment terms, no matter whether it is a one-time payment or installment plan.