If we really have a rest, then… We try to rest like the last time that often turns into problems with health. The desire to “get drunk” often leads to severe intoxication.

To recognize alcohol poisoning is quite simple: vomiting, convulsions, respiratory failure, confused conscious, pallor and blueness of the skin, “characteristic” smell. In such cases, you should immediately ask for medical assistance at the service center of your insurance company at the numbers specified in the insurance policy.

In the period of time while you are waiting for the doctor, you need to be near the patient. It’s forbidden to:

  • Try to vomit on purpose. According to the principle “the stomach will clear”. No, a person with alcohol intoxication can easily choke on his own vomit.
  • To sleep. The patient must be constantly conscious. If he loses conscious, bring a cotton swab dipped in liquid ammonia to his nose. You can also use strong tea.
  • Cold shower. Body temperature in alcohol poisoning is reduced. A cold shower can cause hypothermia.
  • Drink coffee. Coffee like alcohol, removes fluid from the body.

The only way to help the patient before the arrival of the doctor is to give any of the sorbents (Smekta, Enterosgel). You can not take laxatives.

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