21st Day of May for NOVA Assistance ended with the successful evacuation of the insured person from the shores of Turkey. The man called us for help with obvious symptoms of a malfunction of the brain: confused speech, partial numbness of the hands, severe headaches. During the examination was detected edema, and after, according to the results of tests, was made the diagnosis – cerebrovascular disease.

It affects the brain vessels, which narrow and lead to oxygen starvation of the brain and disruption of its work. Our doctors from the Anadolu Hastanesi hospital did all their best to stabilize the patient. They had to fight not only with the defeat of the vessels, but also with renal insufficiency and hyperkalemia.

They successfully made it and prepared the patient for transportation. He will have a long and difficult treatment at home. On May 21, the insured took a flight Antalya-Kharkov on a special board of air ambulance. A nurse and a doctor of the clinic accompanied him on the entire flight, and an ambulance medical team was already waiting at the Kharkiv airport.

We thank all partners, thanks to whom this evacuation was successful.

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