Cost Control


Every insurance company looking for a happy medium to control services and expenses effectively. And we of course can understand it. They want to protect themselves from fraud and deception by clinics. Also, from unnecessarily high prices for medical services, from poor quality of service, and so on.

What services can offer Nova Assistance?

The services of Nova Assistance are your happy medium provider. Nova Assistance can offer high quality at a relatively low cost. The international network of partner clinics, as well as individual price packages, allow us to reduce the costs of insurance companies up to 35%. Prices for Nova Assistance are on 80% lower than for tourists. And lower than for other companies on 60%.

A special computer program developed for Nova Assistance enables our staff to monitor each case. This allows us to send medical reports and invoices for services in a fastest way. As well as to make payments in time. All insurance companies that we serve also have access to our program and can monitor each insured in individual way. It is enough only to know his/her reference number.


Package price system for special countries

For Turkey and Egypt, we have a special package price system. It means series of medical services grouped in a “package” for various cases with a similar treatment method. The quality of services when working in such a system is the same. But the level of expenses significantly reduces.

Our services can be adapted to a specific region, depending on your requests. All bills and medical reports are duplicated by email and post mail. This fact allows us to confirm and justify any manipulation which made the hospital.

Before we start the examination in case of non-emergency, our doctor can assess the condition of the person. In such a way he validates the need of certain tests. So he protects the company from unnecessary costs. Thanks to the principles of our work and the efficient system that we have managed to build over so many years, NOVA Assistance is trusted by international insurance companies. They are confident in the result and quality of the services provided.

What helps us to follow up the costs?

We have everything you need to monitor the prices.

– Medical experts – doctors, who verify all medical procedures which should be made to the patient, their feasibility and necessity.

– Global network of clinics, hospitals and private doctors.

– Individual fixed prices, specified in the contract with each clinic.

– Stable system of cost optimization and settlement. A dual price control system for medical and financial reasons makes it possible to cut costs as more as possible.