Going on a journey, you remain alone with a new country, impressions and discoveries. You deep into a new world. A great team works for your journey to make it fascinating, safe and harmonious.

The tour operator forms your tour. He should provide you with hotel, airplane, insurance and guide, who will meet you in the airport. If the tour operator forms tour, then the tour agency sells it. He chooses for you the most convenient variant, books a tour and prepares the necessary documents.

The airline takes care about your safety fly. The work of a guide consists in meeting the tourists in airport, transfer to the hotel and organization of excursions in the most interesting corners of the country. Hotel staff take care about your comfortable stay and do everything to ensure that you have a good rest. The insurance company insures you against additional problems and most often – health problems.

The organization of medical help – is the task of Assistance Company. These people are in touch with you 24/7. They are always ready to call a doctor and arrange the needed support in every point of the Earth. The main you should do when have a trouble with health – to call to the service center of the Assistance Company. Operators will answer you in any time and organize a visit to doctor.

In general, we wish you not to get sick and enjoy traveling as much as possible!

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