To be always ready and not to panic, the Nova Assistance team made a clear plan of action for tourists. After all, we don’t know where we may “meet” such a nuisance as nose-bleed – on the beach, in a hotel or on the road.

  • Keep calm. When we are worry, the heart beats faster and the bleeding increases.
  • Sit down and tilt your head slightly forward. Never tilt your head back.
  • Blood can enter the pipes and esophagus, leading to vomiting.
  • It is advisable to be outdoors or open the window.
  • Breathe deeply. Apply ice or a towel with cold water to the bridge of your nose, and put a heating pad on your feet, if possible.
  • Pinch the bleeding vessel. How to do it? First, squeeze the wings of the nose with your fingers for a few minutes. Then, insert a ball of sterile cotton moistened with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution into the nostril.
  • With severe bleeding and the inability to stop the blood on your own, call an ambulance.

It is strictly forbidden to put the patient to bed without a pillow and raise his legs, drink coffee, tea and other hot drinks. You can take food only an hour or two after the bleeding stops.

Tourist first aid kit