Dear friends, news come from the shores of the Red Sea. Egypt resorts introduce new bans!

The “wave” of ecotourism captured Hurghada in the first place. From June 1, 2019, local authorities introduce a series of restrictive measures. Forget about plastic dishes and plastic bags. Even in hotels, drinks will be served exclusively in glass cups and without straws.

In supermarkets, meat and grocery stores, markets, fruit stalls and pharmacies, goods will be packaged only in environmental friendly packaging, no plastic. Permission is only for bags for construction waste and bags for souvenirs. All this is done to clean the ecology and coast of the Red Sea.

According to reports of environmentalists, in Egypt about 12 billion plastic bags are used annually, which litter the Nile and coastal waters, killing fish and causing the death of corals.Therefore, be careful and follow the new rules of Egypt. It isn’t known yet what will be the penalty, but it is better not to risk. Such costs insurance does not cover.

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