Friends, did you lose your luggage during the flight? And what to do in such cases? It seems to fly to the sea with a suitcase, and flew already without. And now where to get your favorite swimming trunks and resistant sunscreen? Well, if we are talking about such trifles, and if the documents or expensive equipment?

For such cases, we advise you to insure your luggage, because, according to statistics, every 90 seconds, airlines around the world lose valuable things of their customers.

Especially if you fly a connecting flight, the risk of not getting your luggage increases several times.You will return your money if happened:

  • total loss,
  • partial loss (loss of a part of things),
  • baggage damage.

We don’t in any way accuse the airline of negligence, everything happens. But in order to make the holiday enjoyable and with the least loss, it is better to insure your luggage before departure! This option is available in almost all insurance companies, regardless of your destination and the planned flight. ⠀

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