Continuing the discussion on the exclusions from the insurance policy, we decided to draw your attention to the lovely inhabitants of the sea and ocean depths – sea urchins.

In fact, they are not so cute, and it is doubly unpleasant to step on a sea urchin, when such an injury is not covered by some insurance companies.

You can meet sand-dollars in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, as well as in the seas with high salt consentration, for example, the Red, Mediterranean, Caspian Seas. The others they “do not quote” because of the low salt content.

Be sure to check your insurance policy about traumas, caused by sea urchin, especially if you are traveling to Egypt, Thailand, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia and Sri Lanka – all the regions with coral reefs, in which the urchins live.

In some policies, injuries resulting from contact with sea urchins or corals while swimming without using appropriate protective equipment (rubber slippers) are not covered!

Safety shoes will reduce the risk of meeting with a sea urchin, but if you still find a needle in your body, immediately contact your insurance company’s service center, Nova Assistance, and our operators will advise you on further actions.

And by the way, sea urchins can be cooked, you can get revenge on them later! Write in the comments, what other exceptions in the insurance policy you would be interested to learn and we will tell you what you should pay attention to!

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