What is the point to me then with this insurance? – tourist is outraged

And his anger is understandable, because he purchased insurance with the expectation that he would in any case be provided with medical care for free. But there are cases – «exceptions from the rules», when a tourist will have to pay himself.

1. The Insured refused taking help at the hospital to which he was sent by medical assistance and decided to go to another hospital independently.
2. Some clinics, especially in small towns, don’t cooperate with insurance companies and assistance, accepting payments in cash only.

Got into one of these situations? Feel free to collect documents, checks, recipes and, upon arrival at home, apply for reimbursement to the insurance company.

3. The Insured has fallen into a non-insured event – EXCEPTIONS from the insurance policy, alcohol intoxication, invalid policy. Here, the insurance company is clearly not an assistant for you.

NOVA Assistance, as always, advises you to pay attention to the conditions of the insurance contract and try to listen to your medical assistance!

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