Sometimes rest turns into a whole adventure. Especially if the hotel is located, for example, at the crater of a volcano or on the side of a mountain. NOVA Assistance has found three hotels in which insurance is really needful.

The first hotel that you see in the picture is called Skylodge Adventure Suites and is located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco in Peru at an altitude of about 120 meters. The hotel is clearly built not for those who are afraid of heights.

To get to the room which already hangs over the precipice, you must also climb the cliff. After this, any spiral staircase will seem just child’s play. The undoubted bonus of this hotel is a magnificent view of the valley of Cusco. But ask yourself, is it worth a pair of broken bones?

The second hotel is the Eco-Hotel LeapRus, located in Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia. It is considered one of the highest mountain hotels in the world. Is it a joke? 3,912 m above sea level! You need to get to the hotel by cable car, and then by snowmobile. Who knows, perhaps the desire to visit this hotel will finally make you climb Elbrus, where this miracle of the hotel world is located.

The last hotel we want to tell you about – ION Luxury Adventure Hotel – is located on the slope of the active volcano Hengill in Iceland. Hotel rooms are conveniently located on the clubs of geothermal steam, which not only supplies the hotel with hot water, but also envelops everything around like a fog. In any case, wherever you go, insurance will be your reliable assistant and airbag.

When you know that NOVA Assistance will come to the rescue, you can climb the mountain and live in the jungle, and even sleep peacefully next to the active volcano.

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