«Coming to any hospital and I will be assisted by insurance» –  this is the biggest myth of the tourist. In order for you to receive medical care for FREE, first of all you need to contact the assistance of your insurance company by one of the hotlines. Every assisting company has a whole list of partner hospitals and doctors with whom it works. And believe me, this list is constantly updated.

The service center operator needs to register your case, arrange a visit to the doctor, your transfer to the hospital, notify the insurance company, and do many more things so that the hospital don’t take a dollar from you.

If you decide to go to the doctor independently, at best, you will be able to collect all the documents and checks to submit for the indemnity to the insurance company. And that is only after going back home.

Do not be fooled with the fact that by purchasing an insurance policy, you bought all the hospitals in , for example, Turkey. This is not so. Therefore, if you have a case, contact your assistance immediately, as it is listed in your insurance policy.