Experienced divers are probably acknowledged about barotrauma, and for those who are just immersed in this topic, we tell:

Among divers Barotrauma is called decompression sickness.

It occurs when the ascent from the depth is too fast or when the diver enjoyed the beauty of the ocean depths for a long time.Without going deep, we can say frankly that barotrauma may cause a serious, up to death, danger. Therefore, when diving, be careful and, as taught in school:

«Observe safety»


  • 1. Overweight, obese people
  • 2. Plastered tourists
  • 3. Those who, before the dive, indulged in a hookah or other prohibited smoking mixes
  • 4. Heavy smokers of cigarettes and cigars
  • 5. Tourists who are tired of physical exertion. Yes, imagine someone going to the gym and even jogging during the rest

Diving is an exciting and extremely interesting trip to the marine world. Don’t be afraid! Everything is simple: follow the safety rules and prepare to dive at least one day before (don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t run on the walkway and don’t run for hamburgers either)

#NOVAAssistance wishes everyone a good rest. Do not forget to send a photo in a diving suit!

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