No tourist trip passes without an insurance policy. This is an important and vital attribute, but it will not always protect.

In addition to the exceptions that are written in the insurance contract, tourists themselves make mistakes that entail a number of unpleasant consequences. Tourist, remember, and don’t make these mistakes!

  • TIMELY report the occurrence of the insured event to the contact number of the insurance company service center;
  • CAREFULLY listen to the operator of the service center, who will report the time of doctor’s arrival;
  • IN TIME (during the first 3 days from the moment of arrival) provide the documents to the insurer to receive insurance compensation.

These simple rules will help avoid all sorts of misunderstandings and conflicts that interfere with the provision of medical care.

Your health is not only in ours, but also in your hands!

Textbook for those who holiday in Egypt, Thailand and Sri Lanka