Before pointing the CASCO price, the insurer collects all the information he needs about the car, forming an offer for the client.

So, what are they paying attention to?

  • model of the car;
  • market value, both in stores and in other markets;
  • lifetime of the car.

After all the necessary information has been collected, the cost of the policy is roughly indicated. Further, it will be formed depending on the terms of the contract, and namely:

  • presence or absence of a franchise. The bigger is franchise, the lower the cost of the policy.
  • covered risks. The more risks the company insures, the higher it puts the price on the policy.
  • insurance period, as elsewhere, is more profitable to take for a longer period, from one year and above.
  • age of the driver and his experience. Here everything is clear. The less time you spend driving, the greater risk the company takes on, cause of inexperience, respectively, and the price rises.
  • in one payment or by instalments (don’t forget about discounts and surcharges).
  • the coverage area, the bigger territory – the more expensive that is logical.

Some companies have special insurance conditions, covering the risks «from a special group», for example, the policy also includes a free repair at the dealer in the event of an accident.

In order not to get confused and choose the right policy, NOVA Assistance advises, first of all, to start from covered and uncovered risks.

This item requires special attention when concluding a CASCO contract, because here is indicated in which situation the insurance company will be able to help you, and in which – not.

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