Planning the vacation, we won’t really get into the insurance policies and contracts, we would rather pack a suitcase and go under palm trees or conquer mountain peaks, would you agree? However, when an insurance event occurs, questions begin to arise. What is a franchise and why should we pay for it? In order to dispel all the myths about this issue, we explain:

Franchise is a fixed amount that tourist pays himself when he first visits a doctor. It may be $ 30 or $ 100, depending on your insurance policy.

The amount of the franchise is always indicated on the policy itself. The franchise helps to make insurance policies cheaper, while the price and risks covered by insurance don’t suffer. It turns out that you buy a good expensive policy for little money.

There are different types of insurance, both with and without a franchise, but, as a rule, policies without a franchise are more expensive.

How it works?

For example, you have a policy with a franchise of 50 USD. If during your vacation you received medical care and were billed for USD 150, then you pay USD 50 yourself, and the rest is covered by the insurance company. If the bill was at 30 USD, then accordingly, you also pay it yourself.

There is no right answer to the question of which policy is better, with or without a franchise. It all depends on which country you are going to, whether you are going to do active sports and many other factors.

Whatever you choose, Nova Assistance advises you not to stay tuned and be responsible not only with yourself, but also about with the health of others!

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